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No matter your mood there’s always a dance class to make you feel better! Dancing releases endorphins so you always leave class feeling really great physically and mentally. Don’t put this off another day!

Here are some interesting facts about the benefits of dancing!

Reported from BBC NEWS


Scientists have come up with yet more evidence to suggest that keeping the brain active can ward off senile dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia.

Researchers in the United States have found that dancing can reduce the risks of developing the condition. The findings back up previous studies which have suggested that learning a new language has a similar protective effect.


Boosting Cardiovascular Performance – If performed at a high intensity for 15-30 minutes, tap dancing offers great exercise for the cardiovascular system, working the heart and lungs so they function more efficiently. Strong CV performance is vital to ensure that muscles are supplied with a steady flow of oxygen. Tap dance provides a great way of developing this system.

Toning the leg muscles through Tap Dance – If your legs currently resemble trembling slithers of jelly, wobbling at the slightest hint of movement, it might be an idea to get into tap dancing. Tap offers a great way of toning your lower-body muscles by optimizing the thighs and quads. Feeling frumpy? Time to get tapping…

Reducing the risk of high blood pressure – If you suffer from sky-high blood pressure, tap dancing could offer an effective way of bringing it back down to earth. Tap dancing gets blood flowing around all of the body’s major muscle groups, causing arteries to dilate and contract more effectively.

Fighting fat through tap dance – Tap dancing is a surprisingly effective activity if you want to burn calories quickly. Depending on the intensity of your tap workout, anywhere between three and four hundred calories can be burnt off. TRY TAP!


These dance disciplines help develop streamlined muscles- Requiring strong upper and lower body strength, especially in core muscles, regular class training in these disciplines will build up key muscle groups over time. Develop a nice, toned body.

Suppleness and Flexibility – Regular dance sessions will improve the knee and ankle strength. The joints will become more supple and the muscles will train to carry the body weight and exert less stress on the joints.

Barre exercises help improve posture – Paying special attention to the core muscle groups, the barre work involved in the Ballet, Jazz and Stretch disciplines will help straighten out your back and improve balance too!

Ballet and Jazz encourages graceful movements – With precise and highly disciplined movements your body will be nimble and the overall result is being lighter on your feet. Glide away with improved body posture.

See you in class!